How do you care for your braces now that you have them? It is important to fully understand how to take proper care for your braces during your orthodontic treatment.

Eating with Braces

Do not fear; you will soon be munching popcorn and nibbling on corn chips again! However, before you can begin enjoying some of your favorite pleasures, you must exercise caution to avoid things that might harm your new appliances.

Avoid the following foods when wearing braces:
  • Chewy foods — bagels, licorice
  • Crunchy foods — popcorn, chips, ice
  • Sticky foods — caramel candies, chewing gum
  • Hard foods — nuts, hard candies
  • Foods that you have to bite into— corn on the cob, apples, carrots
  • Foods that you CAN consume while wearing braces include:
  • Dairy — soft cheese, pudding, milk-based drinks
  • Breads — soft tortillas, pancakes, muffins without nuts
  • Grains — pasta, soft cooked rice
  • Meats/poultry — soft cooked chicken, meatballs, lunch meats
  • Seafood — tuna, salmon, crab cakes
  • Vegetables — mashed potatoes, steamed spinach, beans
  • Fruits — applesauce, bananas, fruit juice
  • Treats — ice cream without nuts, milkshakes, Jell-O, soft cake
Managing Braces and Appliances-Related Soreness

When you get braces for the first time, your teeth and mouth may be a little tender or sore. This is normal, and we promise that your mouth won’t hurt for ever. It can help if you dissolve one teaspoon of salt in about eight ounces of water that is about room temperature. Swish and gargle this solution around in your mouth for a few minutes to get rid of the bad breath you have (do not swallow the saltwater).

You can also try taking a pain reliever if the pain is more severe and doesn’t go away even after you’ve rinsed your mouth out. During the first one to two weeks that your braces are on, your lips, cheeks, and tongue may become irritated. This is because your teeth will become stronger and more used to the braces. The wax we’d like to give you can help ease the pain caused by your braces. You can put the wax on top of the braces. If you need some wax, please tell us.

Loose Teeth

If your teeth start to feel a little loose, don’t be alarmed; this is normal! Your braces must first loosen your teeth in order to move them into the right place. Afterward, your teeth will no longer be loose.

Loose Wires and Bands

Your braces’ wires and bands may get dislodged. If this occurs, please call us immediately so we can inspect and repair your appliance. If any part of your appliance falls apart, keep it and bring it with you to the office.

A spoon or pencil eraser can be used to push the wire back into place. Wax or a wet cotton ball can be put on the broken wire to ease the pain.

Caring for Your Appliance

It can take more time to get better if your appliances are broken, so be sure to take care of them all! It’s only possible for your teeth and jaw to move into the right places if you always wear the rubber bands or other appliances your doctor has given you.

Playing Sports with Braces

We have exciting news for athletes! You may still participate in sports while receiving orthodontic treatment! If you participate in sports, you should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and your appliance. Please let your doctor know if you want assistance in selecting the appropriate mouthguard for your needs.

In the event of a sporting emergency, be sure to examine your mouth and appliance for damage very away. Please call our office immediately away if you discover any loose teeth or appliance damage. Applying wax or washing your mouth with warm saltwater might provide temporary relief.