SureSmile Orthodontic Technology

You’re going to get braces. And, although you may be thrilled to have that gorgeous smile, you may be apprehensive about wearing the wires and brackets. To that end, there is a new, technologically sophisticated orthodontic system that significantly improves the precision and accuracy of teeth straightening compared to traditional orthodontic therapy. It’s called SureSmile, and it’s transforming how people see braces.

SureSmile reinventing orthodontic treatment

Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment, which begins with plaster models and X-rays, the SureSmile treatment begins with providing your orthodontist with a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth. This model enables your orthodontist to plan individual tooth movements throughout your “braces experience.” Individual braces archwires are then customized by SureSmile robots to meet your treatment plan.

SureSmile orthodontic technology allows your orthodontist to build more precise treatment plans that move your teeth more effectively than ever before, enhancing the quality of your treatment outcomes and shortening your total time in braces by up to 29%*.

*SureSmile has been found to significantly shorten treatment time by an average of 29%, based on a March 2012 study of 7,042 patients treated with SureSmile and 200 patients treated traditionally.

Your orthodontist can provide you with the following treatment advantages using SureSmile’s modern orthodontic technology:
  • High-quality outcomes — With SureSmile accuracy, teeth quickly move to their pre-determined places.
  • Less overall soreness – SureSmile treatment strategies minimize brace discomfort by reducing the amount of wire modifications required during therapy
  • Fewer office visits – SureSmile technology enhances orthodontic efficiency and accuracy, leading to fewer office visits as well as less time in braces!