Lingual Braces with SureSmile QT

Show off your smile, hide your braces!

Using a unique approach to orthodontics, SureSmile QT is ideal for people who desire a more discrete method of achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. Using SureSmile QT lingual braces, the brackets and wires are inserted on the inside (lingual) of your teeth to straighten your smile. Despite the fact that these braces are out of sight, you will still get the full advantages of SureSmile treatment precision.

  • SureSmile QT Lingual Braces teeth models
  • When compared to transparent braces or aligners, lingual braces are totally concealed below the teeth and are almost undetectable from the front.

  • SureSmileQT lingual braces are ideal for teenagers and adults who wish to enhance the appearance of their smile without compromising on performance.
  • Patients who use SureSmile QT get the same precise and sophisticated 3D imaging, virtual simulations, and robotically bent archwires that are personalized for each unique treatment.
  • Patients utilizing SureSmileQT can still have quicker total treatment timeframes and fewer clinic visits because to SureSmile’s sophisticated technology.
  • SureSmileQT use the same unique SureSmile archwire as other SureSmile appliances, resulting in smoother mobility and a more pleasant experience than compared to conventional braces.