How can robotic wire bending improve the precision of my treatment?

SureSmile technology employs robotic hands to perfectly bend archwires to your individual prescription, rather than your orthodontist bending an archwire by hand, as in traditional treatment. SureSmile gives you complete control over tooth movement, which saves you time during treatment.


How does SureSmile Treatment Planning Software work?

SureSmile Treatment Planning Software lets your orthodontist look at different treatment options, see what the end result will look like, and figure out where each tooth should be. The plan lets your orthodontist make archwires that move teeth in the most direct way to the target without having to make many changes. The software also lets your orthodontist see how your treatment is going digitally.


How does the OraScanner work?

The OraScanner is a small device that looks like a 3-D digital camera. It takes pictures of your teeth by shining white light at them. In real time, the images build a three-dimensional model of the object that is being scanned.

How much does SureSmile cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies based on several criteria, including the difficulty of your case.

Is my orthodontist still in control of my treatment?

Completely. When you use SureSmile, your orthodontist will be able to plan your treatment even better thanks to 3-D tools and the accuracy they bring to it.

Is SureSmile treatment really less uncomfortable than traditional orthodontic treatment?

People who have orthodontic treatment cause discomfort because wires are moved to change the pressure they put on their teeth. Patients who use SureSmile treatment experience less discomfort because there are fewer wire adjustments and changes to make.

Is there a risk of damaging my teeth because they’re moving faster?

SureSmile archwires are no faster than standard archwires. The automated treatment plan made feasible by 3-D imaging saves time. Instead of a constantly changing plan, your teeth follow a more straight route to their destination. Because the teeth travel less distance, your treatment time is reduced.

What are SureSmile Shape Memory Alloy archwires?

For almost a decade, straight archwires have employed Shape Memory Alloy. Due to the high temperature necessary to bend the metal, they couldn’t mold archwires into specific prescriptions until now. The archwires offer accurate, continuous force as robotic hands bend the heated alloy material into personalized prescriptions.